Requirements for reclassification

Here at the CPSL we are focused on growing the sport of paintball and tournament paintball. We want to provide the absolute best tournament series we can here in the Carolina's and ensure that players enjoy their experience at each event. 


1) Requested player cannot have played more than one 5-man tournament in the 2019 season. Nor can they have been listed on the roster as an active player. 

2) Any player that experienced a season ending injury will be considered for reclassification. 

3) If a player is found to have multiple "active" accounts in PBLI, they will automatically be disqualified. 

4) The player must be within 100 points of the previous rank in order to be reclassed. 

5) Teams can submit up to 5 requests per team for the entire season. 

6) Teams will not be allowed to roster more than 2 reclassed players per event. 

7) Not all players submitted will be approved. Once a player is submitted, that will count as 1 request, approved or not. 

8) All requests should be submitted before the 2nd event of the season. 

9) Requests must be submitted 14 days before the scheduled event for consideration. 

10) Reclassification only applies to the CPSL....players will have to submit requests for other leagues. 

*Approval through the CPSL does not guarantee you approval in other leagues. 

Information required for Reclassification:

You can submit your information to the CPSL via Facebook Messenger, for consideration. 

Please include the following information: 

Requester's Name and Team Role: (Captain, player coach)

Players Name:


Date of Birth:

Team Name & Division:

Any information or explaination:

*IF you are requesting multiple players at one time, the preferred method is through facebook.