2019 Rules


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The CPSL will follow the NXL 5-man rulebook with the exception of the below listed rules and changes. 

CPSL Specific Rules

 Here at the CPSL, we have a few additional rules that we like to follow to ensure the best possible experience for teams, players, and spectators.

Please review these rules:

1) Registration and Payment:

All teams will be required to register and pay through the PBLI/APPA website. Failure to pay entry fees by the cut off date will result in that team being removed from the schedule. If you are having issues making payments through PBLI/APPA site, you must contact the CPSL before the final cut off date, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) Rosters: 

All teams will be required to submitted a Roster. Failure to submitt a Roster by the cut off date will result in that team automatically being Disqualified from the event with NO REFUNDS! Rosters must be finalized by 11:59pm the Thursday before the event. If you need an extension, you must contact the CPSL and request the extension no later than 5:00pm the Thursday before the event. 

3) Check In and ID's

All players are required to check-in before the start of the tournament. Failure to check-in will result in that player not being allowed to play. We do not require a CPSL Specific ID, however, each rostered member will be required to have either a Goverment issued ID, Military ID, or a Current season League ID (Example: NXL, MSXL, CFOA). Players will be required to show ID at check-in to ensure they are the properly rostered player. 

4) Event Paint

ALL CPSL Events are EVENT PAINT ONLY! Players or Teams caught shooing non-event paint will be penalized as such.

- 1st Offense - Team automatically will lose their next point, (if no more points to be played, they will lose the last point they won)

- 2nd Offense - Team will be disqualified from the remainder of the event and all points played will be turned into loses.


- Exchanges - At each event, teams will be allowed to exchanged unopened bags of paint that show signs of damage (i.e. broken paint), small signs of sweating in the bag will not be exchanged. 

- Refunds - THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON PAINT PURCHASED. All paint purchased must be picked up before the conclusion of the event. Paint cannot be carried over or used from a prior event. 

5) Illegal Substance and Alcohol

There is a zero tolerance policy concerning illegal substances. Any player caught drinking or using illegal substance before or during game play will be disqualified from the remainder of the event. Once games have completed, as long as you are of age, Drinking may be possible. Players should check with Field owner or field management first. 

6) Professionalism

This is a professional sport, remember that there is always someone watching you on and off the field. Please refrain from the use of bad language outside of your personal staging areas. Also remember that there will be children and families watching. Act Professional. 

7) Arguing or Unsportsmanlike Conduct

 Any excessive arguing or displays of unsportsmanlike conduct with ANY Referee or player on or off the field will result in the following:

- 1st Offense - Verbal Warning

- 2nd Offense - Player DQ'd from event

- 3rd Offense - Team DQ'd from event

8: Event Protocol:

- In order for the CPSL to host or run an event, there must be a minimum of 10 teams per division signed up and paid 1 week prior to the event.

- If an event is canceled, teams effected will be refunded their entry fee after the conclusion of the event date. 

- If a event is rescheduled, any paid entry will automatically carry over to the next event for that team. 

9: Prize Packages and Prize Policy:

- Overall series prize packages will be announced at the beginning of the season and will not change, with the exception that additional prizes are added. A team does not have to play all events to win the series, however, all events count towards the overall series fight to #1 spot. "Missing 1 event can make or break your chances of winning the series title"

- For Individual events - there is a minimum requirement of 15 teams per division to guarantee advertised prize payout. If there are less than 15 teams, prizes will be reduced to reflect actual number of teams that played each division. Prizes may increase if a division exceeds 20 teams, but is not guaranteed. 

- Event Entry and Paint prizes awarded to a team MUST be used the following event. Event Entry and Paint prizes cannot be exchanged for a cash prize, no exceptions. 

- Gift Certificate prizes are valid through the end of the year prize is awarded. Example: Expires 12/31/2019

10: Player Re classifications

- Any request for player re-classification must be submitted at least 4 weeks before any event for consideration. 

- We will not accept any requests for re-classification after the 2nd event of the season. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

- When submitting a player for consideration, please include the following information:

- Players Name

- Players Date of Birth

- Players APPA Number in full (ex: 123456-7890)

- A detailed reason for the request

- Player re-classification only effects the CPSL, the same for if a player is re-classed in another league, it will not carry over to the CPSL and does not guarantee player can be re-classed in the CPSL.

Basic Qualifications for re-classification:

(These are basic guidelines. Just because your player does or does not meet these basic requirements will not guarantee that we will or will not re-class your player.)

1) A player must have been inactive a minimum of 1 full season of play in order to be considered for re-class. 

2) If a player is requesting re-class due to a injury that occurred mid-season. The player may need to provide some form of proof for consideration.

3) Things that we look at when considering Re-classification:

- How many events have been played

- What place the team they were rostered with finished  at each event. 

- Said players overall performance and history throughout the prior years. 

- How many points over was said player when request was made for re-class.

Re-classification is a privilege extended to you through the CPSL. All decisions are final with re-classifications concerning the CPSL. At any time we can deny any request for re-classification and at any time we can stop offering the ability to request re-classification.