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Welcome to the CPSL

Here at the CPSL we pride ourselves on offering a Premiere Speedball tournament experience. Our vision is to offer a product that makes players want to return for each event and work hard to reach the next level. We plan on growing with our teams, beginning our first season by offering Division 4 and 5, 5 man Race-to-2 competition. We will host 4 Events for this season, with the 4th event being the Series Championship Event.  





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2020 Prize Packages

Division 4 Event Prizes:

** Prizes packages will be a combination of Trophies, Product, and/or Cash:

1st Place: $1300 package

2nd Place: $975 package

3rd Place: $650 package

Division 5 Event Prizes:

1st Place: $1000 Package

2nd Place: $750 package

3rd Place: $500 package

Prize Disclaimer:

* All Prize packages are based on a minimum of 12 teams per division. In the event that there are less than 12 teams, prize packages will be reduced to reflect the amount of teams. 

* The CPSL will do its best to award the highest amount of Cash at each event. Cash prizes may be awarded in one of 2 manners: Physical Cash or Via PayPal. 

* Teams can elect to have the cash prize applied to the next events entry. This will need to be discussed at the conclusion of each event. 

(The CPSL is still working on putting together the Series Prizes, however, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize awarded for the series in each division.